Crystallized under tremendous pressure deep underground, granite is a naturally formed stone composed mainly of quartz and feldspar that is mined from quarries around the world. Every granite countertop can be considered a limited edition because there is a finite supply of granite in any given quarry.

Granite is a tangled labyrinth full of Mother Nature’s unique intricacies. It’s complex swirls and veining add a tremendous deal of character to any countertop. Granite is hard and highly scratch resistant, enduring years of use in even the busiest of kitchens without being refinished.

Granite & Marble

Pictured above are just a few, of our most popular selections of granite. Stop by our showroom to be able to see our ENTIRE collection. 


Quartz is considerably stronger than most countertop material. It is extremely resistant to scratches, cracks and chips. Quartz can be cleaned up as easy as just using soap and water. As a nonporous surface, it eliminates stains from wine, food coloring, paints and even nail polish. Quartz does not support the growth of mold, mildew or bacteria and is as resistant to heat as all other natural stones such as granite.

Pictured above are some remnants/ samples of our quartz collection. In most cases, quartz is made to order. So Make sure to stop by our showroom to get a full glimpse of our samples.

Acrylic Solid Surfaces offer a 10 year limited warranty, as they back their tried and true product.

Without grout, a sink lip or seam gaps, Acrylic Solid Surface is incredibly easy for clean up. Acrylic Solid Surface is also heat resistant for short periods of time and highly stain resistant as stains aren’t able to permeate and never require sealing.

Custom made to fit any shape or size, these are an excellent choice for the look of Granite, Acrylic Solid Surfaces or Quartz without paying for the natural stone. We carry samples in our showroom but do not fabricate it. We work with a subcontractor. 

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